Do the articles of Paolo Macchiarini reflect reality?

Beskriver Paolo Macchiarini sanningen? Exempel 4: 12-månadersprovet
Beskriver Paolo Macchiarini sanningen? Exempel 4: 12-månadersprovet

Did Paolo Macchiarini describe his experiments with synthetic tracheas truthfully in his scientific articles? We have made a couple of short films to offer the viewer an opportunity to see for themselves whether Paolo’s articles corresponds with reality or not?

The essence of the allegations surrounding Paolo Macchiarini and the Karolinska Institute is not about whether or not his plastic tracheas work – even Paolo Macchiarini himself does now admit that they have not performed as he had wished.

6 out of 8 patients have died. One of the surviving patients needs permanent intensive care, and has so far undergone nearly 8000 surgical interventions after the transplantation of the synthetic trachea.

But perhaps the most important question remains – does Paolo Macchiarini’s scientific articles on synthetic tracheas correlate with reality or not?

Four doctors at the Karolinska Hospital alleged in 2014 that this was not case. They filed a complaint claiming that Paolo had manipulated data, lied about the outcome of his patients and deliberately excluded negative results in his articles. They argued that Paolo was guilty of scientific misconduct and that his work not only deceived the scientific community, but also exposed new patients at risk to dangerous and unproven surgical procedures.

The Karolinska Institute consulted Professor Bengt Gerdin of Uppsala university as an external investigator, and in May of 2015 Gerdin concluded that the articles did not reflect reality. Gerdin was certain: Macchiarini was guilty of scientific misconduct.

Despite the conclusions of the external reviewer the Karolinska Institute cleared Macchiarini of the charges in August 2015.

We now want to offer an opportunity for the viewer to personally examine crucial points in some of Paolo Macchiarini’s most important articles. Do the articles reflect reality or not?

Here are three short films, each of which compares statements in Macchiarini’s articles concerning his first patient - Andemariam Teklesenbet Beyene – with what is actually stated in the medical records. Macchiarini’s entire claim to scientific fame is based on data from the surgery of this particular patient. If the data proves to be false, then his claims of a successful surgery are equally false.

Example #1: The 1-week sample

Example #2: The 2-month sample

Example #3: The 8-month sample