The Experiments

Experimenten Dokument inifrån

The series investigates Paolo Macchiarini’s claims to have invented  a ground-breaking method to create new organs. His method using plastic tracheas sown with stemcells has been operated on patients in the US, Russia, Sweden and the UK.

Macchiarini himself aims to remedy not only medicine’s unsolved  lack of spare parts for failing organs, but actually in the long run to invent a method that makes surgery unnecessary. Among his supporters are members of Sweden’s Nobel Committee and the Karolinska Institure.

So far, unfortunately, the track record of his plastic organs is not very good. Almost all patients  are dead. And several of his former surgeon colleagues in Sweden claim that not only does the method not work, but that his scientific claim to fame is based on falsified and misrepresented data. Some even claim that his patients have been used as human guinea-pigs.

Film maker Bosse Lindquist has had unprecedented access to Macchiarini himself, his labs and his patients. The series will provide a unique in-depth story of what actually took place. Trying to answer the ultimate question -  Is Macchiarini a genius, or a fraud.

Part 1: SVT1 and SVT Play Wednesday 13 January 2016 kl. 20.00 (The Star Surgeon)

Part 2: SVT1 and  SVT Play Wednesday 20 January 2016 kl. 20.00 (Every surgeon has his own graveyard)

Part 3: SVT1 and  SVT Play Wednesday 27 January 2016 kl. 20.00 (The Labyrinth of Truth)