The Flogsta Roar turns into ”Trump Roar”


The widely known and classic ”Flogsta Roar” was somewhat different this Wednesday. At 10 pm students living in Flogsta, Uppsala, joined together in the usual collective exam anxiety roar. Only this time the roar wasn't about letting steam off regarding exams and quizzes, but to express feelings about the newly elected 45th president of the United States, Mr Donald Trump.

And according to one student, Julia Wahlberg, the screams were louder than usual.

– It just felt so good to shout out ones anxiety and to clarify ones disagreement with what had happened with the election. It helped, says nursing student Julia Wahlgren, 21.

On Wednesday, the roar took place as usual in Flogsta, Uppsala. The ”Flogsta Roar” has been a recurring event since the 1970s, and works as an outlet for students living Flogsta in terms of expressing their anxiety – often related to upcoming exams (according to hearsay that is).

The roar on Wednesday however adopted another kind of meaning as thousands of students gathered in a joint call on social media to dedicate this particular roar to the, in their meaning, wrongful election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of The United States of America.

”We screamed as loud as we could”

– Myself and my roommates screamed as loud as we could. There were lots of people on the streets and even people sitting in cars. Thats not what it's usually like, says Julia Wahlgren, 21.

The roar on Wednesday was a way for Julia Wahlgren to make her voice heard, in more than one way.

– He was elected in a democratic manner and naturally I respect that, but that doesn't mean I like it. Yesterday was a chance to express my feelings about that. It was basically the only thing me and my friends talked about yesterday, she says.

”Does not bode well”

Julia Wahlgren took part in the roar.

Even though Donald Trump is to be president in a country a far away from Sweden Julia Wahlgren maintans the legitimacy of the roar in Flogsta.

– He is about to become probably the most powerful man in the world. And considering the values he stands for, that does not bode well in my opinion. He will have a lot of influence and I also consider this a signal of the times we are living in, which I unlike.

What do you mean?

– He represents a lot that I don't agree with. A lot of the things he has said are outrageous. For example his views on immigrants, women and the environment, says Julia Wahlgren.

But how can you be certain that things would have been any better if Hillary Clinton was elected president?

– That's impossible to know, of course, but taking into account what he's said so far, and the politics he has vowed to pursue, I think we are moving in the wrong direction.

She goes on to argue that the ”Trump roar” in Flogsta has symbolic value, and that it feels good to be able to, even in Sweden, express ones dissappointment on the matter.

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