Open Resources

Here, SVT makes resources available in open formats, accessible for everyone.

SVT is always aiming to improve, and a part of that experience is sharing, being transparent - to viewers, Research & Development, developers, other Public Broadcasters, or anyone else that wants to access SVT:s open material.

On this site you’ll out more about SVT:s Open Source and Open Content projects.

Usage terms

SVT:s free usage material is released under various copyright licenses, and you will have to see a specific project for what Copyright and usage terms applies for that. Most of the resources are using standard Open Source and Open Content licenses, like the Open Source Initiative (OSI)-approved licenses for source code, and variants of the Creative Commons License. Enjoy!

Varför på engelska?

Sveriges Television har svenska folket som publik. Men både tv-produktion och digital utveckling möjliggörs av samarbeten med aktörer från hela världen. Därför är det viktigt att denna sida kan förstås av så många som möjligt. Vill du byta till Svenska finns det en språkinställning i menyn.

Why in English?

SVT is a short for “Sweden’s Television”, and SVT is working for the Swedish public. However, TV production and development of digital services is made possible through partnerships all over the world. Therefore, it’s important that this information can be understood by as many as possible.