Open Content

SVT Open Content Video Test Suite 2022 – Natural Complexity

A data set of video material intended for R&D.

All of the sequences from this suite were produced and post processed with the intention to help SVT’s internal OTT Video R&D team evaluate and assess video quality produced by encoders and codecs. All of the material in this suite may be distributed, modified and used freely (complete or in parts) as per the Creative Commons license described further down below.

All of the content was captured in 3840x2160p50 using professional equipment, and the outmost care has been taken during the post-production process to ensure that visual quality is retained. The data itself is provided in various different resolutions and formats, however no effort has been made to grade the content or otherwise make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Creative Commons License

SVT Open Content Video Test Suite 2022 - Natural Complexity is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

SVT High Definition Multi Format Test Set - 2006

An older data set of video material, refered to here for reference.

All sequences from this set were filmed in 50 fps with professional, high end 65mm film equipment by SVT in October 2004. The utmost care has been taken when converting the film into digital data, the same applies for all conversion steps applied afterwards.

The data itself comes in various different resolutions which are widely used – all in 50 Hz motion portrayal. Lower resolutions were gained by filtering the 2160p/50 master. At all resolutions the bit depth is full interval 16 bits per (RGB) colour plane to obtain the very high quality of the original shots.

All sequences from this set may be distributed freely (complete or in parts) as long as the copyright and the restrictions of the use of the sequences are not violated. This documentation has to be distributed with any part of the test set that is distributed. It is not allowed to charge a fee for the distribution of the sequences.

Individuals and organizations extracting sequences from this archive agree that the sequences and all intellectual property rights therein remain the property of Sveriges Television AB (SVT), Sweden. These sequences may only be used for the purpose of developing, testing and presenting technology standards. SVT makes no warranties with respect to the materials and expressly disclaim any warranties regarding their fitness for any purpose.