GitHub SVT

Sveriges Television, The Swedish national public TV broadcaster, builds its services with mainly open source products. We also contribute to the Open Source community, by bug fixing or by releasing projects that we think could benefit others.

Contributing to SVT

Contributing to an SVT-project is easy and follows the regular GitHub flow. Fork the repository and follow the code guidelines and best practices for that project. Make your changes and send a pull request on Github!


Atem Gateway

A micro service for controlling atem video switchers.
License: GPL-3.0


CasparCG Server is a Windows and Linux software used to play out professional graphics, audio and video to multiple outputs as a layerbased real-time compositor.
License GPL-3.0

Daemon Control

daemonctl is a Python framework and tools to manage small applications.
License: GPL-3.0

SVT Encore

SVT Encore is scalable video transcoding tool, built on FFmpeg.
License: EUPL

Election Compass Match

election-compass-match is the algorithm used by SVT’s Valkompass to get a percentage of how well two entities’ political opinions are aligned.
License: MIT

FFmpeg Filter Proxy

A FFMpeg video filter proxy.
License: LGPL-2.1

FFmpeg Filter Proxy Filters

Filter implementations for ffmpeg-filter-proxy.
License: Apache-2.0


A wrapper around the okhttp mockwebserver that adds a more fluent api for scripting the mock server.
License: Apache-2.0

GraphQL Defragmentizer

graphql-defragmentizer Library for building GraphQL queries from fragments in JavaScript. It combines the main query, the fragments and their sub-fragments into one valid query. Useful for React apps, if you want each component to specify its own data requirements, but still want to run a single GraphQL query.
License: MIT

JUnit5 Redis Extension

A JUnit5 extension to setup embedded Redis for tests
License: Apache-2.0

ORM Origin Routing Machine

ORM stands for Origin Routing Machine, it’s a reverse proxy config generator that manages domains. It uses yaml config files (called ORM rules) to perform specific actions depending on each HTTP request’s domain, path and query string.
License: MIT

Random Port Initializer

A small Spring test util for resolving property placeholders to free random ports.
License: Apache-2.0


An easy to use in-browser tool for subjective comparison of the visual quality of different encodings of the same video source.
License: MIT