GitHub SVT

Our internal guidlines are ever changing, but basically they looks like this.

Focus areas

We can identify four areas were SVT could do a lot better regarding open source.

  1. Contribute
  2. Publish
  3. Correct usage of
  4. Requisition and comparisons when buying a new product

Virtual team

A virtual team intend to have regular meetings once every other month, or when needed.

The current purpose of the group is to:

Support the teams and individuals in working with open source
Work out guidelines
Oversight of the health of public projects from SVT
Keep contact with others, internal and externa
Other activities - blog, speakers, hackday etc.
Contribution culture


Everything we code under working hours is, just like expected, copyright SVT.


There must be a clear distinction between the identities one use if you contribute to a project as a private individual or as a SVT-employee

Therefore we use our SVT-identity when commiting - in other words, commit with a address.

The GitHub account that we use for commiting to an SVT project must have an real name in the name settings.



The product teams are autonomous and is responsible for maintenance.

If a project is not active any more, it should be clear in the project README-file.

The README-file must have at least one SVT employee listed as a contact person if it is an active project.

Contributing to open source projects

One does not need permission to contribute to an existing open source project. However, when an organization CLA is required, contact your open source leads.

Make sure the contribution is quality checked by a colleague before pushing to an public repo.

Starting a new open source project

Before submitting a new open source project, make sure your team and product owner is all onboard.

Check with your open source leads.


We think the Greek fabulist Aesop, c. 620 – 564 BCE, nailed it pretty good. No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.