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Editorial decision to publish the original documents received by the anonymous source “Alexander”

Uppdrag granskning (Mission: Investigate), Swedish Television, SVT, are publishing the following documents on the web (

1. "Report" Document 1-5, and Post-it 1-2 (Language: Russian)

2. Swedish translation of "Report"

3. "Memorandum" (Language: Russian)

4. "Memorandum" (Language: English)

The documents were delivered to Uppdrag granskning (Mission: Investigate) via an anonymous courier, in the spring of 2013. The source is a person, "Alexander", whose identity is unknown to us. We have had contact by telephone, email and IP telephony. He would not disclose his identity, who he represents or why he provided us with the documents.

We have repeatedly asked if the publication of the documents will cause any problems for those who originally acquired them. "Alexander" has replied that there is no threat to the person(s) who provided him with the documents.

We have examined the handwritten commentswhich "Alexander" claims are made by Gulnara Karimova. We have collected samples for comparison of Gulnara Karimovas handwriting from other sources in the world, and have had them examined by forensic experts in Sweden and a handwriting analyst in Israel (Russian origin). Our overall conclusion is that the evidence suggests that the handmade notes are Gulnara Karimova own handwriting.

To further check the authenticity of the document, we have identified a dozen unpublished facts, not related to the most sensitive issues. The premise was that if the data was correct it would strengthen the documents credibility.

For example, we identified a unique list of the names linked to Takilant, the offshore company that got the 2.3 billion SEKfrom Telia Sonera. The same list of names was sent to attorney Björn Riese (Mannheimer & Swartling), who investigated the corruption allegations on behalf of Telia Sonera'sboard. He got the list from Gayane Avakyans legal representative in Switzerland. Gayane Avakyan is formally the owner of Takilant and Telia Sonera's counterpart, but also personal assistant to Gulnara Karimova. Björn Riese has never made the list public.

The documentsalso state that Takilant had four safe deposit boxes at the Swiss bank Lombard Odier, where TeliaSoneras payments went. Names of bank employees at Lombard Odier are also mentioned in the documents. Through sources in Switzerland, we are told that it was indeed four safety deposit boxes that werelinked to Takilant, and we getthe names confirmed, with corrections of their spelling. And we are informed of the contents of the safety deposit boxes.

With the help from colleagues from around the world we examine the information. Among others:  Yves Steiner, investigative journalist, RTS in Switzerland, Miranda Patrucic, Organized Crime and Corruption Project, Sarajevoand a team of journalists from Radio Free Europe (RFE) and Radio Liberty (led by Alisher Sidikov) helped out.

Three of the factscould not be confirmed because we did not manage to find comparable data. For example:the singer Sarah Brightmansstaff members refuse todisclose whether she was booked, but never went, to a concert in Uzbekistan, invited by Gulnara Karimova.

But seven of the ten selected facts checked out and nothing in the documents has so far proved to be wrong.Our conclusion is that the documents are credible.

The documents contain a long list of names of names and companies. It is impossible for SVT to ensure that these individuals and companies really are connected to, or cooperated with, Gulnara Karimova. We have decided to publish the documents so that journalists, human rights activists and others cando additional research based on them. We have redacted the names of individuals in this web publication.

Anyone who wants the original documents (with names not redacted) can contact us, see addresses below:

We publish everything in the documents (minus the names of individuals) as we received them, in their original language, to demonstrate how we have translated and interpreted the texts.

Any publication of these documents is done at your own risk. We urge all who wish to re-publish the documents to make your own translation. The Swedish version of the "Report" is done by SVT's own translators, but should be double-checked before publishing since transcribing from the Russian language opens up for differences in judgment. .

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