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Drabbade i över 30 länder – här är offrens rop på hjälp


I utpressarnas egen databas finns meddelanden från tusentals människor som drabbats. Där kan SVT läsa vad offren skriver till utpressarna.

”Why do you do this?”

Tid: [2016-06-05 22:30:50]  
Kundnummer: 36288  
Land: Sverige

Meddelande:: ”Why do you do this? We are an nonprofit organization for kids and young people for sports in Sweden. We dont have 4099 SEK to pay this. We dont even have the monye for a computer for me so I have my private computer at work. I and only work for 3 weeks then I am unemployed.  So on this computer is both document and photograpsh for me and the organization.  I have save the most of thing i the cloud an I saw that you have locket that to. Please . unlock our files for free.”

”You have taken everything!!!”

Tid: [2016-06-10 04:30:50]  
Kundnummer: 66513  
Land: Australien 
Meddelande: Hello....I am a single mother and I genuinely do not have all the money to pay to get my files back.  You have taken everything!!! All of the memories of my son's birth and all of our pictures together. Our entire life's history is gone now!!!! I am very upset and crying about this.  I only have $250AUD spare that I can use to pay you. I can transfer it through Western Union immediately. Will you please accept this amount and please give me back my life memories?  Sincerely XXXX 

”...unlock my computer PLEASE!”

Tid: [2016-05-14 06:30:16]
Kundnummer: 30375
Land: Australien
I really want and need my files and photos, I have lost family members that are in the pics and it upsets me so much, but I dont have any money, would you please see you way to have a heart and unlock my computer PLEASE!! My emails dont work now either so I'm not sure how you would reply but PLEASE have a heart and restore my computer, it all I have.

”I am an unemployed mum”

Tid: [2016-06-09 21:36:57] 
Kundnummer: 67662
Land: Australien  
Meddelande: I am an unemployed mum and don't have the money. I just borrowed money to pay for the rent. My phone and power bills are due  I am already stressed and now this. I am trying to find work and you've hacked the files that have my resume and job stuff.  PLEASE – can we negotiate a smaller amount as $861.28 is not something that I have available. I honestly have ZERO dollars in my bank account.  Please help me. I am so stressed out about this and don't know how to fix anything.

”I want to get my family photos back”

Kundnummer: 34455
Land: Polen
Meddelande: Hi, my name is XXX, i am a poor student. I dont have this type of money. I want to get my family photos back. Can you help me?

”I am 75 years of age and on a disability pension”

Tid: [2016-06-09 14:02:36]
Kundnummer: 58578
Land: Australien  
Meddelande: As I am 75 years of age and on a disability pension will you accept $100 AUD also it is a public holiday in Adelaide. i want more time!

”We are unemployed”

Tid: [2016-06-02 08:10:18] 
Kundnummer: 49098
Land: Italien
Meddelande: Hi. We are unemployed and cannot pay your fee. You have locked all our files including all our pics from my deceased fathers funeral and my daughters graduation school fomal night. We have no other copies or backups as we are not real computer literate. Can you please unlock our computer so we can keep these personal treasures?

”I have some pictures of my late father”

Tid: [2016-06-01 06:44:44]
Kundnummer: 45202
Land: Spanien 
Meddelande: Hi OK I have come to the conclusion this is going to cost me something and I'm happy to pay. I have some pictures of my late father and I have no back ups. Without these I have only my memory of him which is fading  so I trust you understand how important these are to me. I have read many stories about people paying but not ever getting the files unlocked. I have a proposition for you – give me what I want to unlock my email .pst file and if you do, ill make payment to get my photos unlock. As a sign of good faith, and so I know I will once again be able to get the photos of my dad. Lets know what you think,

”Please unlock”

Tid: [2016-06-03 13:51:43]
Kundnummer: 53858
Land: Turkiet  
Meddelande: Please unlock, these images for me is very important family pics :(

”We are just regular everyday people”

Tid: [2016-05-21 07:23:56]
Kundnummer: 34896
Land: USA
So anyway I'm not sure why you would do that to my computer and try to get money from me. We are just regular everyday people trying to make ends meet and Im a really hard worker and a mum and I work from home to help support my family. Please restore my files as I cannot afford to pay you and my livelihood depends on it.Thank you in advance....:-(

”Robbers and thieves”

Tid: [2016-06-02 20:13:32]  
Kundnummer: 3913 
Land: Sverige
Meddelande: Dear robbers and thieves I have written mails and I am not getting any reply. I will need my files back. Right now I pray to God the Almighty that you will cause conviction over the people who have taken/stolen my files including all my family and ministry photos to captivity. To which I have no backup. I pray that there will be deep conviction and a great difficulty to sleep until this matter is solved, I pray in Jesus name! I am waiting for my files to be open, in Jesus name!!!! I am waiting for my files to be open, in Jesus name!!!!

Genom en världsunik läcka kan SVT nu avslöja de innersta hemligheterna i ett stort nätverk som attackerat världen med utpressningsvirus i flera år.

  • Tillsammans med Sverige har Australien, Polen, Spanien, Italien, Turkiet och England drabbats hårdast. Sammanlagt har nätverket attackerat offer i över 30 länder.  
  • 1,6 miljoner svenskar har fått utskicken från Telia- och Postnord-kampanjen.
    Minst 20.000 svenskar har laddat ned viruset.
  • Nätverket tar emot lösensummor i den digitala valutan bitcoin som ger stora möjligheter till penningtvätt och anonymitet. Offren uppmanas betala motsvarande 400 till 6000 kronor i bitcoin.
  • Spåren leder till Ryssland och en internetleverantör i Sankt Petersburg. Därifrån har attackernas styrts. När en användare öppnar den nedladdade filen krypteras hårddisken och via olika platser i världen skickar krypteringsprogrammet till slut iväg den specifika nyckeln till Ryssland.
  • Nätverkets senaste kampanj avslutades våren 2017. Den server som SVT:s fått tillgång till är inte längre aktiv men verkade mellan hösten 2015 och våren 2017.

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