Dr Michael Mosley vet hur man förbättrar sin sömn. Foto: Caroline Andersson/Naina Helén Jåma/TT

Dr Michael Mosley svarade på era frågor om sömn


Hur förbättrar man sin sömn? Vad har sömnen för betydelse för vår hälsa? Den brittiske läkaren och vetenskapsjournalisten Michael Mosley chattade med er om just sömn.

I sin senaste bok Mosleys sömnskola (utkommer i slutet av oktober) redogör Dr Michael Mosley för den senaste forskningen kring sömn och sömnens betydelse för vår hälsa.

Här kan du läsa hela chatten.

Chatta med Dr Michael Mosley om sömn

Stort tack för alla intressanta frågor ikväll! Det har kommit in mängder med frågor och alla kan tyvärr inte få ett svar. Vi tackar även Michael Mosley för alla givande svar.

Hela chatten ligger kvar här på SVT.se. Läs gärna igenom chatten för att se om din fråga fått svar. Tack för ikväll!

Nisse • How does alcohol effect your sleep?

For most people alcohol helps them fall asleep, but leads to lighter, more disrupted sleep

ALJ • I wake up every night since 2-3 months having to go to the toilet.That happened before only on rare occasions now I´m in my late 70ties and have great difficulties in returning to sleep . What can I do? Should I stop drinking water or tea in the evening (in that case how many hours before going to bed?) or do I have to accept this new era in life d when not being able to sleep a full night? I need and like to sleep but worry a bit about this new situation.

You can try drinking less, but i suspect that will not make a lot of difference. It is best to accept that you will not sleep quite as well as you used to and try to lie there and have beautiful thoughts. If that does not work, get out of bed and do something boring until you feel sleepy

Eve • How come that we often feel paranoid and stressed thinking about our troubles around bedtime, or even Worse, when you wake up in the middle of the night and starts to think...

Night time is when we are vulnerable to negative thoughts and fears. If you have things on your mind then it is best to write them down in a journal before you go upstairs to bed. You might also write down three good things that happened to you that day as that helps turn your mind to happier things.

Oskar • I’ve heard that reading, being on your phone etc. just before you are going to sleep is bad for the sleeping pattern because it’s making the brain more active in a way. Is this true?

The worst thing you can do just before you go to bed is watch TV or go on social media, as these are designed to be stimulating. There is some evidence that the blue light from these devices also wakes you up. Reading books does not seem to have the same effect, but best not to read anything too exciting.

Roland • I snore a lot and my wife says I also have some respiratory arrests. Still I feel well rested in the morning. Is it essential for my sleep to treat my snoring anyway?

One of the main reasons why people snore is being overweight. In my book i describe ways to lose weight, fast. This will be good for your health and your marriage!

MariAnne Angner • Hi Dr Michael, my husband have had years of nightmares. Do you have any tips for getting rid of this? He had a lot of stress earlier, a couple of years ago. Now he stopped work about 4 years ago and he is now working in the forest. The nightmares are still there.

Best Regards MariAnne

Nightmares are horrible, and can be the result of medication. If so, he should talk to his doctor about this. One effective way of dealing with nightmares is called "Imagery rehearsal treatment". While you are awake you practice reliving your nightmare, but you consciously change the ending to something that makes you feel good. I used to have nightmares about falling, but i now fly away with superpowers before i hit the ground!

Lisbeth • Hello, I am mourning the loss of my husband who suddenly got an heartattack.
I can not sleep and therefore I have pills to be able to go to sleep, For how long time can I eat the without beeing dependent on them.

I am sorry to hear about the death of your husband, it must be an extremely difficult time. Doctors will often not want to prescribe sleeping pills for more than a month or so. If you have been on them for longer than that then you could try a few nights without. Modern sleeping pills are relatively safe, but you don't want to take them long term

Nilsson • I am sleeping 10 hours evry night. Is it normal or what shall I do about it?

Sleeping for 10 hours every night is certainly a long time! Yet there are huge differences in the amount of sleep that different people need. So if you feel fine on that, then OK.. If you find that you are still tired, despite so much sleep, then you may want to talk to you doctor about it

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