Agreed terms on how SVT can use Your material


Thank you for wanting to share your images with SVT! When you approve of the terms and conditions below, you grant us the right to use your material on our website, in our broadcasts, and on social media. You also accept that other public service companies, collaborating with SVT, can use this material – with your name stated, of course. Please read the full terms and conditions below.

Sveriges Television AB, org. no. 556033-4285, ”SVT”, and You have agreed the following.

You are the photographer (creator or owner) of the stills and/or the visual images (video), hereinafter referred to as the Material, that SVT would like to use. You have agreed upon and guarantee that SVT can use the Material according to the terms below.

The licence you grant to SVT is non-exclusive, which means that you can grant a non-exclusive right for others to use the Material as well. SVT and you have agreed that you do not have the right to receive any payment for your grant of rights according to this agreement.

In what ways can SVT use the Material

You grant SVT the right to make the Material available for the public in all kinds of media now known and in the future unknown, in all territories, in perpetuity. SVT has the right to use the Material “as is” or edit the Material.

In what ways can SVT let others use the Material

SVT has the right to let others use the Material in the same way SVT can use the Material, under the condition that SVT does not receive any payment for the licencing of the Material to others. SVT is allowed to grant such rights, when SVT publish the Material on SVT’s social media platforms, as well as when SVT grant rights to SVT’s international broadcast partners to use the Material on their platforms, including their social media platforms. This gives SVT, for example, the right to share the Material with members and sublicensees of the so-called Eurovision News Exchange (that includes broadcast partners in Europe and other parts of the world).


In connection with SVT´s publication of the Material you have the right to receive credit (that is to be named) in accordance with good practice, unless you and SVT agree otherwise. 

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