SVT Nyheter och frilansjournalisten Carolina Jemsby fått en exklusiv intervju med den amerikanske visselblåsaren Edward Snowden. Foto: SVT

Snowden: ”Fair trial would be great”


As the first media company in Scandinavia, SVT and free-lance reporter Carolina Jemsby have secured an exclusive interview with Edward Snowden, who has been in asylum in Russia for one and a half year. In the interview, Snowden explains why he doesn’t dare to return home, despite repeated demands from the U.S. administration.

– If I go home, and I volunteer myself to life in prison, I discourage other people from doing what everyone in the country reason at this point was the right thing to do.

The whistleblower who revealed massive American state surveillance, has a temporary asylum in Russia since the summer of 2013. In the United States he is wanted on suspicion of espionage and risks lifetime imprisonment.

He very rarely gives interviews, and after his latest interview with a TV company in May 2014, the U.S. Secretary of State demanded that he return home.

– Well I would say if there was fair trial, that would be great.

When Edward Snowden answers today, he brings up the special laws which apply in espionage cases.

– We have a number of laws in the US that would provide… but the charges that has been laid against this, does not provide the opportunity for me to make a public interest defence. They forbid that entirely.

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Snowden intervjuas av SVT

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